On and Of The Rocks

I took the following photos when I last visited the Big Gunpowder Falls State Park last month. I was on the Big Gunpowder Trail at the Pot Rocks area located at approximately 11203 Belair Road in Kingsville, Maryland 21087. Belair Road is also known as US-1 and Kingsville is part of Baltimore County. My photos show something on a boulder or rock or will show, what I think is, an interesting feature about the rock or rocks.


The first photo is shot looking down the Gunpowder river and I spotted some small stones on a big boulder out in the water.


I zoomed in to get a closer look and see the three little stones stacked and balanced on top. I wondered how long they had been balancing on top of the large rock. We did have rain the night before although the water in the river was still surprising low.


Not an elaborate or large rock balancing exhibit but still cool looking! Btw, did you notice the two dogs in front of the large rock with the balanced stones in my second photo?! I thought they blended in so well with the big rock that they almost looked to be a part of the big rock. They belong to another couple that were visiting the same day that my husband and I were there.


I turned my attention up the Gunpowder river. In this photo you can see a few pot marks in the rocks which is why this area is known as Pot Rocks. Those pot marks were made by the water movement but that isn't what caught my attention. What do you think that I think I spotted?


I spotted a large rock that resembles the head of an alien from outer space!


It could also resemble a space ship but I think either description is applicable here! My other thought was that it could be a squished smiley face as well! ๐Ÿคจ ๐Ÿ˜


I'm not sure if this fluttery thing on this next boulder is a moth or butterfly but it was certainly pretty. I also like the strip of color on the water right next to the rock. Sunlight, water, shadows and such can make some really beautiful colors and art on the water.


This next rock stood out as looking like an elephant to me. I also love seeing all of the very smooth surfaces on the rocks. There are some in the alien photo above too. Like the pot marks in the rocks here the smooth surfaces were made from the water movement and most likely some tumbling down the river when it rages and it does sometimes. A little scary to see or be near and I prefer the more tranquil times of the water.


This little indented spot to the right of the elephant trunk looks like it could make a nice secluded rocky beach spot for a lucky bug for the afternoon.


This is my last photo and it wasn't in the water but just by the trail along the bank there. The cheery yellow color caught my eye first and the fact that the yellow leaf was leaning up against a nice boulder. Then I noticed what appeared to be the number 1 on the leaf. Pretty cool huh?!


So, because it has the #1 boulder spot I chose my last photo to do an edit on ...


... and place it by some water which is a better spot (in my opinion) for the #1 boulder to sit! ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you @shasta for #bouldersunday!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.


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