Green Scenery Along The Woods Road Trail

The following are some green scenery photos that I took along the Woods Road Trail. This is a trail within the Loch Raven Reservoir area of Baltimore County, Maryland.


I took this walk in May and the greenery had a fresh Spring look to it. The trail had quite a bit of shade from all of the trees and as I looked into the wooded areas I could also see where the sun was shining through the canopy of trees.


Although I could see fallen trees within the wooded areas to either side of the trail, this was the only fallen tree that had fallen across the trail. It was a lengthy tree but also not very round so it was easy enough to get over.


Here are the roots of a toppled tree that I spotted from the trail. I wondered how long ago it fell and, to me, it looked as if it could be an art piece.


Most of the trail that I walked on that day was fairly level but at one point it did take a downward turn. That downward turn became a steep downward turn and it was at that point that I stopped. I knew I could get down but I wasn't so sure that I could make it back up again. I knew the trail continued on down below but without knowing where it would take me I thought it best to stop and turn back.



Before I started back I tried to get photos that showed the hilly area at the top. I could also hear water down below and had to zoom in to see some of it.



This is the same trail where I wrote about and showed photos of many pretty ferns in a previous post.


My last four photos are of another downed tree that was very near the parking lot. It looked like it had been down for a long time. I hadn't seen it on the way in but I'm glad I saw it on the way out.


There was just a beautifulness about it and I wanted to get some closer shots of it even if I had to maneuver myself over and around some brush.


I find it interesting to see the grain of the wood in some of the fallen trees and in the end I think getting a closer look was totally worth it!



Thanks @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.


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