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D.Buzz Community Highlight of the Week

What's buzzing, friends?

Social Media is an incredible way for people to share their journeys with the rest of the world. From the many meals that they eat, the sunrises and sunsets they see, their joys and sadness, cute pet photos and vacation memories, there is always a variety of things to share.

At D.Buzz, we love seeing people’s posts about activities they are doing, places they are exploring, and organizations they are working with. These posts make us happy because it makes us happy to see people live these truly beautiful lives.

One reason that it can be hard to be happy is that sometimes, it may feel like we are not living the life that we’d like to live. However, sharing our lives on social media can help make us happy. Why? Because through sharing on social media, people become proud of what they are doing in their lives. It gives them an outlet to post their creativity, their stories, and celebrate their lives. This then, in turn, makes those who vote on their posts proud to be supporting them. It is a cycle of support, of symbiosis, that lifts both parties up.

Today our community highlight is someone who routinely shares their awesome life with us! Discover who they are down below.

Awesome rockstar!

We like to believe that D.Buzz is more than just a Dapp - it's a community. It is a community of people with a passion for crypto, a passion for censorship-resistant content, engagement, and a passion for spreading their message.

We see you, and we love you all.

To give back and express our thanks, every Thursday, we will highlight someone from our community in a post across social media. They will be listed as a 50% beneficiary in the post as a way to say thanks!

Today, We would like to celebrate @flordecar26!


Our community highlight this week comes from the Philippines and joined Hive in February 2018.

Since joining the platform, @flordecar26 has shared with the community many stories about their life, delicious pictures of food, memories with their friends, and photos of things that they find in their daily life. It is a pleasure to see such moments being shared.

@flordecar26 also spreads the love in their comments by engaging, and commenting back on those who connect with them. It is because of their awesomeness, routine posting, and overall positive energy, that we want to nominate them as our community highlight this week.

Fellow Buzzers, if you are not following @flordecar26 yet, we recommend you change that today and add them to your following list. @flordecar26, we see your diligence and love your pictures along with the positive energy you bring to D.BUZZ. Keep it up and thank you!

Much love,
Your Friends over at D.BUZZ.

  • Do you have someone you feel we should highlight?
  • Post their name below and the reason why, and we may highlight them. :D

D.Buzz Community Highlights Wall of Fame

Spotlight Authors NameLinks to the article
@asterkame/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-asterkame .
@fherdz/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-boyza-qz5b70 .
@boyza/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-boyza .
@shikika/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-shikika .
@hernleon74/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-hernleon74 .
@mirza000/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-mirza000 .
@janettbrito76/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-janettbrito76 .
@luueetang/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-luueetang .
@paopaoza/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-paopaoza .
@pichat/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-pichat .
@guruvaj/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-guruvaj .
@lauramica/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-lauramica .
@progressivechef/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-progressivechef .
@paultactico2/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-paultactico2 .
@ahmadmangazap/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-ahmadmangazap .
@princeofbeyhive/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-princeofbeyhive .
@fifay/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-fifay .
@cre47iv3/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-cre47iv3 .
@myanmarkoko/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-myanmarkoko .
@thebeardflex/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-thebeardflex .
@vegaron/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-vegaron .
@podewils/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-podewils .
@oaldamster/@dbuzz/dbuzz-community-highlight-oaldamster .
@shmoogleosukami/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-shmoogleosukami .
@aaliyahholt/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-aaliyahholt .
@mehmetfix/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-mehmetfix .
@thelogicaldude/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-thelogicaldude .
@jemmanuel/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-jemmanuel .
@atimkaranezi93/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-atimkaranezi93 .
@savvyplayer/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-savvyplayer .
@dmhafiz/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-dmhafiz .
@trangbaby/@dbuzz/d-buzz-community-highlight-trangbaby .
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