Is getting the covid jab a dilemma or not?

None of us would have ever imagined before 2020 the covid pandemic infecting billions and millions dying. We all understand the picture I am painting, we have been living through the tragedy of it all the last 2 years. And while it is definitely grim there are sparks of optimism being celebrated this year in the form of the covid vaccine. A brightness in the gloom, a big hope to beat the virus, stop the growth of infections and deaths and for all countries to get back to healthy normality allowing the little people freedom to work, eat at restuarants, go the pub and travel etc.

As it was hoped by the health officials, doctors and governments the number of vaccinations given so fare are proving to be slowing down the number of people getting sick and the spread of the covid virus. The results are so incredibly positive that countries are very optimistic in opening up. The future looks very economically favourable. All the people have to do is line up and get jabbed, easy!

But is it? For some the jab only presents dilemmas.

It would seem not to be as straightforward as planned by the officials. The biggest hitch is everyone agreeing to be jabbed to not. Choice is a psychological right we all have and while there are many who choose to be vaccinated there are a big numbers who do not agree. They have their reasons. Like, the fear that the vaccine will compromise their immune systems, the virus is a conspiracy and so is the vaccine, the vaccine will make you sick, the vaccine is not guaranteed and so on.

But, there is another factor to consider regarding the covid vaccine and that is social responsibility. One factor that has been on my mind. Social responsibility is an ethical theory in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, and the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society.Definition of Social Responsiblity In other words, each individual is personally ethically and morally obligated to consider his/her fellow man.

From my perspective no individual is exempt from personally contemplating the pros and cons of getting the jab. It is part of the process. Is it safe? Will it work? How sick will it make me? Will I wait to see how others react? While I considered all angles I knew deep down that getting the jab was the right thing to do for me and for my fellow Australians. The logic that a country full off vaccinated citizens will stop covid made sense to me. So putting my fear of what could go wrong aside, I had the jab at my medical centre a couple of days ago. My second jab is in 9 weeks time.

I want to travel when the world has beaten covid see more, walk more, meet wonderful people and catch up with friends in the US and Canada that I have not seen for a long time. There were a lot of very good reasons to get the jab.


Good bye and thank you for reading my words


There is no better end to a post than flowers, they grow quietly spreading their colour willingly and selfishly. How is that I constantly take them for granted? But always very grateful seeing flowers growing. Oh the peace and beauty that comes from flowers.


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