Olympic 2021 Day 3 Summary And Result

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Hello everyone, olympic have started few days ago and we know that it is a game that unite the world together. Olympic was the first place I heard of Messi name some years ago when Argentina. , After the final when Argentina defeated Nigeria, Messi name was everywhere on the globe as he was the best player in the tournament. Since then, Messi name continued to go higher up to this moment.
RECAP ON DAY 2: We saw yesterday Sunday which is day 2 that japan was the highest gold medals. They won four gold medals through Yui Ohashi, Yuto Horigome, Uta Abe and Hifumi Abe. As at day 2, japan had 5 gold medals.

We have known USA as one of the best basketball country in the whole world but it was a shock when I heard the scores. France beats USA 83-76 in there opening match but I hope USA will bounce back.
In football, Argentina struggled to defeat Egypt 1:0, it was a match that Egypt deserves to win based on the statistics but Argentina was able to outsmarted them. Spain are really doing well in soccer; winning against Australia will put them in good position.
DAY 3 SUMMARY: Table Tennis: The First round of table tennis women competition was a tight game as Sara Sorribes Tormo of Spain defeated Ash Barty. It was a straight winning to Sara Sorribes with 6-4, 6-3 in sets.
Skateboarding: Yuto Horigome from the host country got the gold medal in his pocket, Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil claimed the silver, while Jagger Eaton of United States won the bronze.
Taekwondo: 18 years old United States prodigy Anastasija Zolotic won the first ever gold medal in women's for USA . Zolotic beaten Tatiana Minina of Russia 25-17.
Swimming:. Katie Ledecky, The world record holder qualified for 400m final as she finished 4:00.45, Li Bingjie of China finished second with 4:01.57, and Ariarne Titmus of Australia finished third with 4:01.66. Titmus also created olympic new record as the fastest in the women's 100m backstroke fell 3 separate times.
Gymnastics: Russian men's team of gymnastics finished first and United States came behind Russia.

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Weightlifting: Hidilyn Diaz became the first philippines olympic medalist in weightlifting. According to her, "I used water bottle to train during pandemic. Diaz broke down in tear when the national anthem of her country was sang. 8 think she remembered what she faced as a result of pandemic. She could not go out for training during pandemic which forced her to built her own gym.
Presently, japan has won 8 gold medals, 2 silver and 3 bronze. United State won 7 gold, silver 3 and bronze 4. China won 6 gold, 5 Silver, and 7 bronze. Japan, United States and China are the leading countries right now in medals.

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