Happy 1 Year Anniversary, HIVE!


To all Hivians, old and new.

🎉Happy 1st Birthday!🎉

(from your friends over at ZENZO Ecosystem)

This first year of HIVE’s existence has been super exciting and the growth, to which you all have contributed to, has been absolutely incredible. We over at ZENZO hugely believe that your community is what makes you uniquely special. So, to see so many of you band together after the hostile takeover of Steemit and create an entirely new home for your beloved community is something we genuinely respect. Since the launch of HIVE, our own community has joined to show its support and still does to this day. Many ZENZOnites are actively using HIVE’s very own dapps such as Vimm, Peaked, LeoFinance, 3speak and Splinterlands who was featured on ZENZO’s monthly event called The Checkpoint).

With that being said, we are happy to celebrate such a monumental birthday with you all by providing each and every HIVE user with a little birthday surprise. It will be the responsibility of each member to claim their own gift(s).

🎁Birthday Gifts! (NFTs)🎁


10 Copies, 10 Winners!

("The Hivening", HIVE NFTs, created by @yuurinbee on @nftshowroom)

➡️Enter Here⬅️

In order to enter for your chance to win, simply RT, Follow HIVE + ZENZO on Twitter and comment below on the original tweet with your Hive Username.

💌 More Birthday Gifts! 💌


Please welcome Thermos and Ethos!

The last time an egg like this cracked, there was a baby phoenix inside by the name of Kiyori. The ZENZO Team decided to come together and create a brand new, custom ZFI (ZENZO NFT) as a gift to all you Hivians out there! With two limited time editions available, you must pick your egg as each person will only receive one. Thermos (Dark) and Ethos (Light), which are named in order from left to right, according to the image above. They are available to anybody who is both a HIVE user and anyone who has created a ZENZO Forge profile. Who knows what these eggs will hatch into...

Want to sign up and claim your free HIVE Egg (ZFI)? Fill out the form below.

  • HIVE Username
  • ZENZO Forge Profile (Username)

🐣 Claim your egg 🐣

*Form will close 1st April.

Learn how to set up a ZENZO Forge profile. Click Here

Congratulations again on your 1st Birthday, HIVE Community! If anybody would like to learn more about what we are doing at ZENZO Ecosystem or would like to discuss any cross-chain NFT’s/ZFI’s, feel free to get in touch. Interoperability is a key aspect of our philosophy. We are frequent members on HIVE and will always be around and you are more than welcome to contact us on here, too.

Here’s to another great year! ❤️

Warm Regards,
Fellow Hivians--ZENZO Team & Community

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