My 'Personality' Axie: Kaizer

Meet Kaizer, My personality axie~

Kaizer, which means 'The one that leads others' in German, spawned from my love for Japanese culture and robots which you can see several evidence from his body.

With his Iron-clad body, SLP fuel, boosters, and semi-introvert nature, Kaizen aims for his ultimate goal by investing time and effort in his skills, growing steadily as time passes by.

axie mech f.png


Hello guys! KaizenS here, I hope you liked Kaizer and his robot suit. I can express how excited I was about this art since I learned many things, and a major technique, while doing this. So, I hope you guys liked him!
We are planning to do this 'Personality' axies for each member of our community, but the plan is still in its initial stages, and still talking about how we will do it. so stay tuned guys for more updates!

Lastly, I just want to say that I was very busy with school so I was not able to post much here on Hive. Hopefully I can post more frequently in the future just for you guys.
So that's it! Keep supporting our community and don't forget to keep on buzzing, Peace out!

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