My first month on Axie Buzz and how I got to this point


It is 4 days past my 1st month since the first time I engaged with axie buzz. I can say wholeheartedly that this was my MOST EXCITING MONTH so far in my whole life because I get to do what I enjoy and continue improving my passion while engaging with different people with different goals of their own. And in this read, I am going to share with you my 1-month journey with this incredible community, Axie Buzz, and how I get to find my drive again towards my ultimate goal because I grabbed this opportunity.



Let me tell you my story first.
Those who already read my articles and know my story know that I am an aspiring clothing line owner. I want to have my own designs printed and worn by people; I want them to get inspired by my designs and to radiate this lifestyle that I want to show through my art.

But, they also know that when I first tried showing the world my art, I failed miserably. Not in a way that I want to die of course lol, but in a way that my confidence was shattered a little bit. Since there is no engagement with my art, I stopped doing it and focused on my studies. I also lost confidence in improving my art since I didn't get that much attention when I tried promoting them on social media.

I cannot say that I was happy with how things turned out, but I was still grateful for those people who liked my art and commented on how cool they looked during those days. I still enjoyed how I improved significantly, even though the attention I got was not that much.



My first engagement with this community was way back July 15, and I didn't know that Axie Buzz was just over 2-weeks old at that time and only has less than 1000 (If I remember correctly) followers on Twitter. If not because of my insisting girlfriend to keep liking axie accounts that give out scholarships, I won't be here.
On that day, July 15, my girlfriend saw a post for Axie Buzz, which was shared by Chaya (the creator of Axiemon Academy), and the post says:


Knowing that I have arts from my 'Failed' months and that I am looking for a scholarship, my girlfriend insisted that I take a shot in passing my arts. So I sent a DM to Axie Buzz, to which papa buzz quickly replied, saying:


So I did shoot my shot; I passed my previous arts and hoped that I get to have a real shot here, but of course, I was not expecting too much since I don't want to hurt my own feelings anymore xd.

Arts I sent for application

I sent multiple arts to which papa buzz reacted wonderfully, a reaction I haven't heard or read since my failed months, and it gave me confidence. Saying to myself that those words are enough for me even if I don't get anything from this, not knowing what an exciting month I would have ahead of me.

I even remembered him asking me to redraw the old logo that Axie buzz have, and you can see the sketch I have below:

My sketch of Buzz

Papa buzz was satisfied with what I submitted to him that time, so he asked me to join the Axie Buzz discord, message the moderator, and discuss some things there like how I can earn by posting on Hive, creating my account, sharing my stories, hearing papa buzz's story, etc.
That day was so eventful for me, and that was the first day in many months that I feel the excitement flowing in my body.



So started creating art to post on hive, from personal art, posters for axie buzz, banners, etc. I did most of these not because papa buzz asked me to, but because I enjoy doing art, portraying my ideas to other people, and materializing my imagination.

axie2 final.png

axie3 poster.png

I also had the opportunity to create the logo not only of Axie buzz, but also the logo for Axiemon Academy. This was so exciting to me to see my art representing such great communities that helped so many people, including me.

And even won two contests I joined during my first month with Axie Buzz.

axie mafiaboss.png

My entry for Axie Boss art contest

Artic Entry #8090 #42.png

My entry for Artic art contest

I had so many experiences in this short time I had with Axie Buzz. Most are exciting, some are stressful because I want to keep doing art instead of finishing school works xd, and some are inspiring.
While looking back to this past month, I can say that my exciting days with axie buzz are just starting. Just like Papa Buzz told me, we will create a community where goals are achieved together.



Now, I am a certified scholar of Axie buzz, a Digital artist for the community, and finally working towards my ultimate goal, to get my clothing line started next year, August 11.
I am finally earning through my talent by posting on Hive, doing commissions, and getting my art out there, inspiring other people to keep improving on what they do best.


I am so happy that I grabbed that opportunity, and I was also very very grateful for my girl because if not for her efforts to keep pushing me to do what I love, I wouldn't be here with you guys.

So to you, who is reading this, I pray that you find inspiration from my experience and that you get the courage to grab every opportunity you get in your way, maximize your talent out of it, and achieve your ultimate goal in life. I pray that you get that desire to keep pushing your limits, not giving up (Don't follow my example xd), and keeping the dream alive in your mind and heart. I promise one day, you will also get the break in life you deserve.


Keep doing what you love and invest in yourself. Peace out!


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