In my whole career as A digital artist, never have I received a commissioned work, until now. In this article, I'm going to share to you briefly my first ever commission, how I got it, and why my first ever client chose me.



The story start when one of our member here at Axie Buzz, Kalm, mentioned me in a tweet regarding a logo designing contest by Bread Winners Guild, which I entered my design into.

I also posted these designs in my twitter account, in which many people supported and loved my design. including big names like Chaya, Kentism, and Kiyo.
I was so thrilled about it not because of the attention but rather the thought that many people love my style, which means I'm on the right track here. Sadly I lost the contest. I'm not even that down after losing, but rather, was happy since because of this, I got my first commission from Whale Scholars!


When something goes away, something better will come (bad english, right? xd)
Because of my entry for the mentioned contest, I got contacted by the head (I assume) of Whale Scholars! who loved my art style and even offered me to go full time in their community as their main digital artist.


I was very flattered and happy that someone really loved my not-so-final style to the extent of offering me a full-time job. As much as I want to take up the offer, I declined Since I am still a student, and A full-time Job is still not possible with my time right now. I also wanted to commit my time here at our community instead because this is where someone saw my potential first, and I want to grow and make it with Axie Buzz. Despite this, I still told Sir Whale that I am open for part-time and commissions.

So Instead of a job, Sir Whale (yup, lets call him that for now) asked me to make their twitter banner for them, in which he asked me for my art portfolio and how much I charge for my art.
Since this is my first commission, I didn't have a portfolio sadly. so I linked him to my Hive post containing my past arts in my career.

Next, we discussed about how much I'll charge for the banner. On this, I got advices from Papa Buzz and also asked based on my past semi-commissioned arts. Eventually we agreed on a price, and then also on how much time I have to finish the banner. That is how I closed my first art commission!


After about 5 days, I finished the banner for Whale Scholars!. I pretty much enjoyed creating it and was soo satisfied by the final output, even I'm surprised how good it is.

whale scholar s.png

look at those cute axies uwu


I asked this question after passing the final output, 'why me? and why did you chose me to make a banner for you?'
to which Sir Whale answered that he loved my artstyle and that he saw my post on his timeline. This gave me an idea how I should proceed with my career, and how I can get more engagements, which eventually, can lead to more commissions.

That is the story how I got my first commission



Hello! Kaizen hereee. I hope you guys are inspired about my short story here, especially those content creators that are just starting and having even a hint of doubt for their talents. Please don't, you will eventually get the recognition you deserve. Just keep on grinding and improving, someone will surely come and show appreciation for what you do.

also, I just want to share that its our exams this coming week so posting here and on twitter will be on hold for the span of the week, but as long as I get a time off, I'll create more arts for you guys! Goodluck and Godbless to my fellow students! Keep on buzzing! Peace out!

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