**Hello guys! KaizenS here, I had the greatest opportunity to redesign our logo and improve it. I hope you like it and hopes this logo will mark Axie Buzz not only on our mind and heart but also on our actions. **

axie5 buzz 3.png

Just a short flashback on my career as a digital artist. last year, I started doing digital arts with an aim of getting myself commissions and earn from my talent, and possibly in the near future, get myself my own clothing line that prints my designs. too bad, it didn't work out as I wished it would, and after just about 4 months, I stopped doing art and went back focusing on my studies and having more time for online games xd.
I felt unmotivated that time because there were no engagement with the arts I created, but still, felt great when someone notices my efforts.

I stopped until I found motivation again about a month ago. I changed my art style in the hopes of getting more attention and to appropriate my style to that of street wears. I tried my best again in improving my art style, and practiced everyday to master my craft, learn new techniques, and work towards my ultimate dream; but since I was too busy with my finals, again, that motivation faded away in a month.

then suddenly, one day, I saw a post on twitter looking for content creators that wants a chance for an axie scholarship, and since I'm a digital artist and is interested in cryptocurrency in general, I grabbed the opportunity, and here I am, doing contents for Axie Buzz and earning myself money for my dream.

So to anyone out there reading this, keep dreaming and grab every opportunity you encounter along the way, and give your 101% all in things you enjoy, because one day, you will be grateful you did so.

p.s. please continue supporting Axie Buzz. stick with us so you can see what we have stored and what great things we can accomplish in the future! Peace out guys!

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