Second Month of Axie Buzzing - Growth and Milestones Achieved on Twitter and Hive!


Second Month of Axie Buzzing in Twitter and Hive

Our community has continuously grown bigger this second month since inception! Despite our community’s fast growth in the past month, the amount of support and love we received has continued to increase rather than stagnate. Like an arrow shot to a distant goal without being affected by gravity, it has flown straight and true! This means only one thing, WE ARE GROWING!

In this second month, we decided to further step up our promotion on Twitter by constant engagement and giveaways. This has onboarded new blood both in our community and in the Hive Blockchain. We've been rather quiet on Hive lately, and there's a good reason for that. The sheer amount of interest we've received so far is beyond our wildest expectations. It's only been two months since release and we're already managed to gather up a huge community of Axie players, fans, and scholars, working together on achieving shared and personal goals. We're exploding on Twitter, our discord is growing nicely and we're thrilled about all the new people we introduced to Hive.

The amount of work we take on has substantially overgrown our capacity to handle it and we're experiencing some growing pains. This is extremely exciting as it means we're on the right track. We're working in our fullest capacity to solve these problems while continually delivering massive value to both the Hive and Axie communities.

Our main goal is to synergetically connect Hive and Axie. Despite the difference in Blockchain used, we believe in the common goals of Play-to-Earn and Create-to-Earn and we believe that the Axie community can thrive in both areas.

Furthermore, we were quick to realize that most of Axie communities reside on Twitter so we have decided to funnel most of our focus on the platform and so far we've been greatly successful. In just two months, we managed to get to more than 5000 followers and 1 million impressions per month.

Here are some detailed results about our ongoing Twitter campaign.


twitter stats.png


  • 1.1K+ Tweets
  • 1.11 MILLION impressions (55% more compared to last month)
  • 94k Profile Visits (20% less than last month)
  • 2301 New Followers / 105+ followers per day average (100% increase in members!)
  • 5627 Mentions (25% more than last month)
  • 530 Direct link clicks to Hive
  • Partnership with one of the largest influencers in the space AxieRetreat (55k followers)
  • Getting closer to the partnership with the biggest non-Axie-team influencer Brycent (80k followers)

We are constantly surpassing our previous numbers to a great extent! Our numbers have just doubled, which is another big win for everyone! This means that our constant promotions on Twitter have been effective and this constant flow of new followers we hope to onboard to Hive and introduce them to Create-to-Earn.

twitter data 2.png


Due to promoting our community link in our Twitter Bio instead of direct links leading to Hive this month, the amount of direct link clicks has reduced this month. But if you were to check our Hive community, you will clearly see that the number of new members still continued to grow and has now reached almost 450 strong!!

average members.png


See those lovely green numbers? Amazing right?! We are getting an average of 105 new followers daily! Our community is definitely getting bigger! Aside from this, we are projecting more members to come in our community in Hive. The allure of Hive Rewards cannot be resisted! Join us NOW!

future projections.png


Based on our current data, we are projecting a massive increase in followers in the following months! This will be essential for our bigger plans in the future! While these numbers may be large, we aim and strive to surpass them! As we have been saying a while ago, we need everyone‘s help to make this happen. So be sure to spread the word! Spread the good word about Axie Buzz and Create-to-Earn!



  • 199 New suscribers (247 last month)
  • 64 Active users
  • 171 interactions
  • 874 rewards pending

Let us all welcome new members who have joined us on Hive!

Though our numbers are increasing, it seems that the number of active users has decreased! Some might be concerned about this but worry not! Just like a cryptocurrency, the number of our active users can't constantly rally or pump in value. The reason to this is that most new users come and go, while only the real ones stay. These are the people we are looking for. Our core community members, our layer zero, and our foundation.

This could mean only one thing, we are consolidating!

While we constantly work on increasing our numbers and our reach, we have big plans in store for everyone who wants to Create-to-Earn! So for now, we hope that everyone keeps calm for the upcoming explosive news!

Giveaways and Contests

Aside from increasing our numbers, we cannot forget to mention the events that we have been conducting! After all these are our biggest bait to gain more members. We are very grateful for the massive love and support from the community so these are the few ways we can give back to the community. Be sure to follow us around and engage more both on Hive and Twitter for that glorious $SLP and $HIVE.

We created a Meme Contest with a prize pool of over 750 SLP! Our community members have submitted lots of fun memes such as: gameplays, scholar application spamming, payment methods and meta axie compositions. The winners of the contest will soon be announced so be sure to follow us on Twitter for quick updates. If you are a meme connoisseur or an veteran meme creator join us in our future contests!

We decided to host an event to support a smaller Axie streamer that we believe deserves more recognition in this space. We're all in this together so we decided to show some appreciation and support for other people in this space, regardless of affiliation. If you know other players, twitter groups or communities that deserve to gain extra attention, be sure to let us know and we will help them out!

But of course, we should not forget our own community members! Once we double our current number of followers (5k currently) we will gift a mystery Axie to one lucky winner! Aside from this, proper engagement is also rewarded so be sure to engage with our content both on Twitter and here, on Hive.

These are just a few snippets of our Twitter activities and present only a fraction of the 1100 tweets we posted last month. We plan to further expand our Twitter activities in the following months as this is where we have the most success in and it's the only way we can onboard new users to Hive.

Onboarding Problems and Solutions

Overall, we're extremely excited by the results we're currently achieving and we hope to continue to increase our reach in the future.

We've been pounding Twitter heavily and our results are reflecting our efforts. However we are hindered in bringing our Twitter audience to Hive. So far we've only managed to onboard roughly 5% of our entire Twitter following but we're trying our best to figure out ways how to boost these numbers. One big problem is the inherent complexity of Hive which naturally intimidates many new users away. Another issue has been the recent inability to create Hive accounts. Furthermore, we've been getting reports of the account creation service being down at times.

Due to Twitter shadowbanning tweets containing links, specifically Web 3 links; we have to greatly limit the number of tweets where we directly link Hive posts. This is a huge problem for onboarding as direct links are the most efficient way of getting conversions from tweets. We tried circumventing the issue by concentrating on promoting the link in our bio leading to our Hive community instead of posting Hive links. Results varied so we have no clear answer whether the solution is working or not. We will continue testing and improving to deliver both Hive and Axie immense value through our initiatives.

While we continue building better bridges between Hive and the 1.5 million players Axie community on Web 2, we're conceptualizing our own Web 3 solution which will alleviate most of the above mentioned problems. As you might already expect, it will be built on Hive.

But for now, we won't spoil you with the details as we will dedicate an entire article to this topic so be sure to stay tuned into our announcements on Hive, Discord or Twitter.

To Conclude

We've been pulling some crazy numbers lately and we would like to thank everyone that's been supporting us thus far. None of this would be possible without the support of the amazing community that has joined our journey. We have big plans for the future that will add a lot of value to both Hive and Axie. We see the potential Axie community has for Hive and vice-versa. This potential is beyond comprehension for most but we see it and want to realize it. We hope that you're as excited about this as we are.

But for now, be patient and keep BUZZING on with us while we continue grinding and building a better future for both Hive and Axie!


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