Introducing Axie Buzz - A Place to Chat, Connect, Create, and Earn by Sharing your Passion For Axie Infinity!


To the moon!

We've been greatly impressed by Axie Infinity, the core principles of financial freedom on which the founders created the game upon, and its incredible growth and success. With well over three hundred thousand players and counting, Axie Infinity took the blockchain world by surprise and quickly became the single most popular NFT game in the metaverse.

We believe that Axie has the potential to positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe and we want to be a part of this global revolution.

Mission statement

While there are countless tools to help improve our gaming experience, we weren't able to find the one thing we were missing all along, the social aspect. A place to hang out, chat/connect with other players, read and share useful information, and earn some extra SLP by in the process.

This is where we've decided to step in.

We're thrilled to announce that we've finally made this social aspect of the game possible by creating Axie players (Lunacians) their own dedicated community, Axie Buzz! We believe that this is a missing link necessary to help connect, grow, and further financially empower players across the globe. We're making this possible by giving Lunacians the ability to earn by creating and sharing game-related content, connecting and engaging with other players, and a lot more!

Members of the Axie Buzz community will be rewarded for every interesting, useful, and noteworthy piece of content they share, in form of either $HIVE cryptocurrency, one of the two Axie-based tokens ($SLP and $AXS) or even Axie NFT's themselves!

Axie Buzz Hive Axie Infinity Community 1920x1080.png

Appart from being a place to connect and engage with other players, Hive's Axie community - Axie Buzz is a place where Lunacians can learn how to become better at the game, and to earn an additional income from something other than playing the game. After all, they've only got so much energy to play within any given day. With Axie Buzz, players can fill their free time with other Axie-related, income-generating activities.

The concept behind Axie Buzz was originally inspired by the founders goals of providing an innovative way of creating economic freedom and changing the world for the better. Our goal is to help further increase this economic liberation through a creative application of Hive's post to earn ecosystem, where Lunacians are rewarded for creating content about Axie Infinity.

Post to Earn 🤑

Earning crypto by sharing content, and being able to effortlessly chat and connect with other players are Axie Buzz's main features. They were only made possible through the use of the Hive blockchain. By using Hive, we can enable players to participate in a few additional rewarding activities while waiting for their energy to replenish.


Axie Buzz community members can earn by

  • Producing content about the game 🤯

On the Hive blockchain (which is what you're using now) our upvotes (likes) are worth real money in form of $HIVE cryptocurrency.

Meaning that, if you're able to produce valuable content that other users enjoy reading and upvote, you'll be able to earn additional income by posting about your Axie Infinity journey. The better, more interesting, or informative, your articles are, the more you'll be able to earn from posting. Our goal is for Lunacians to be able to earn another couple hundred SLP daily, practically doubling their income and further financially empowering them while providing a fun and useful service.

We've partnered with @ocd curation project that will help us deliver the upvotes to select contributions that we find to be in line with the kind of content we'd like to encourage.

While good quality and noteworthy content will always be rewarded, hateful, abusive, spammy, copy-paste, or any other kind of malicious or low-effort/quality content, will not get any rewards from Axie Buzz.

NOTE: Never post about asking for a scholarship, unless we specifically say so. Scholarship applications will be managed by filling Scholarship Applications. We'll release more information about joining a scholarship after we finish another couple rounds of breeding.

  • Participating in content creation contests 🏆

We'll host writing, video, graphic, meme creation contests in order to attract new members and further incentivize current members of the community to produce high-quality, Axie-related content we'll all enjoy reading, viewing, and interacting with.

  • Participating in in-game contests 🏆🎮🏆

In the Axie Buzz Community, we will reward the best of the best for their in-game achievements such as PvP rank and PvE max Axie lvl and campaign progress. Even though your current rank might not result in an in-game season reward as only a few players out of the three hundred thousand that play, get rewarded at the end of the season. By participating in Axie Buzz's contests, you'll have a much higher chance of earning based on your in-game achievements.

  • Joining a Scholarship Program 🏆🏆🏆

There are countless people who want to start playing the game but can't afford to spend a thousand dollars or more, to buy their first team. For that reason, we'll start an Axie Buzz Scholarship Program where we'll give our community members their first Axies to play with. A portion of their earnings will be funneled to buy/breed more Axies so that we can quickly increase the number of people that can join the Scholarship Program.

  • Coming soon 🧐

As our community grows, we'll work on adding more activities our members can participate in to earn either $SLP, $AXS, $HIVE, NFT's, or Hive Power.

For more information join our discord server.


Considering the fact that our target audience has most likely never heard about the Hive blockchain as most Axie players are still unaware of the amazing opportunities Hive presents, we'll give you a quick run-down and some basic information to help guide you through the onboarding process. This part might be a little intimidating at first as it's a lot of information to take in at once, but if you're able to consistently get your daily quota, you'll be able to learn how to use Hive.

What is Hive?

Hive is a fast, scalable and feeless, blockchain.

Meaning, that transactions are lightning-fast, and free, while users enjoy a seamless user experience. As aforementioned, Hive upvotes translate into cryptocurrency. The more $HIVE tokens a user has staked in his wallet, the more his upvote is worth. When a user casts an upvote, his voting mana (Hive Power) is drained, reducing the value of his next vote. Don't worry about this as your mana will replenish fully over time.

Every user can give 10 full (100%) upvotes (or decide to fractionalize them i.e. 5 x 20% upvote == 1 x 100% upvote) per day and have 100% voting mana after 24 hours have passed.

Voting on Hive looks something like this.

Hive Posts About Axie Infinity.png

In this example, a user casts a (1.) 40% upvote using a (2.) voting slider, resulting in an (3.) upvote valued at $0.296 or close to 2 SLP per 40% upvote at the time of writing this article.

To encourage curators (users who upvote content) each upvote returns 50% of its value back to the curator in form of curation rewards. Thus, even users who don't have a knack for content creation can still earn an income by skillfully curating great content on Hive.

By creating content and upvoting content of other users, you will receive rewards in Hive Power (staked Hive) and $HBD - Hive's stable coin. Hive Power can either be left powered up (staked) to increase the value of your upvotes, or it can be unstaked and sold to fuel your Axie addiction.

View by logging into your Hive account through PeakD

The wallet section as seen on PeakD, is where users are able to send and receive funds from. is our preferred way to interact with the Hive blockchain because it provides a clean, graphically appealing interface, that is quite easy to understand and use.

In order to efficiently manage funds on Hive, users must understand the three tokens used on Hive.

Hive Tokens - ($HIVE)

  • unstaked (liquid) Hive Power - doesn't incur a yield but is easily transferable

Hive Power (Staked $HIVE)

  • Staked (powered up) $HIVE - increases upvote value and the amount earned by curating content up to 10 - 25% APR per year depending on skill in picking the right content to vote on. Hive Power also incurs an additional, automatically compounding 3.37% APR per year but isn't easily transferable.
  • Hive Power takes 13 weeks to fully unstake, returning 1/13 $HIVE per week.

Hive Backend Dollar ($HBD)

  • Hive's stable coin pegged to 1$

How to create a Hive account?

Visit PeakD account creation page, input your desired username and email address and follow the instructions sent to you in the registration email.

IMPORTANT: Store your password in a safe place because if you lose it, no one can recover your account and all funds stored within the account will be lost.

How to access the Hive blockchain?

Now that you've got an account, it's time to decide which interface suits you best. Hive has a few different interfaces all of which provide the same services - the ability to read, publish, and curate content. It's completely on you to decide which one you like best.


You can chose from:

Take some time to explore them before choosing your preferred interface.

How to become a member of the Axie Buzz community?

Simply create a Hive account following the above-mentioned steps, visit this link and click "Subscribe" in the top right corner. A good way to start off your blogging journey would be to write an introduction post letting us know who you are, what you're about, where you come from, how long have you been playing, what you like about the game, what's your experience with the game so far, etc.

How to publish content?

After logging into your Hive account, click here and navigate to the "Write a post" button (top right corner) which will beam you to the editor and make sure that your article is posted in the Axie Buzz community.

What kind of content to publish?

As we're a community dedicated to Axie Infinity, the only content we will be actively rewarding is Axie-related content. Creators have absolute freedom to choose their preferred content format. It doesn't matter if it's videos, fan art, memes, articles, tutorials, live streams, etc. it just needs to be about Axies. The more effort creators put into their content, the more they'll be able to earn as anything posted within the community will be reviewed and rewarded based on perceived quality.

Tip: Make your writings look better by adding images when necessary, headings, bold and cursive to structure and style your text and make it more readable.

Examples of great gaming content

How to stay up to date with Axie Buzz?

For new users

It's important to take some time to absorb this information, get to know the Hive blockchain, and how to use it properly. If you ever run into a problem and don't know how to do a certain action on Hive, there is always a helpful bunch of people in Hive's discord channel that will aid you in figuring out a solution. When you're finally ready, start making contributions to the community by sharing content about Axie Infinity and participating in our contests, giveaways, and tournaments.

That about wraps it up

We're thrilled to be able to provide Lunacians with this innovative socioeconomic tool and we can't wait to see how they use it and what they have to share with us!


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