Cleaning an Overgrown Grass Airstrip - New Lawn Mower Engine is Here - #4

Hi Hive,

Welcome back to the airstrip cleanup. This is part 4.

Why a Cleanup?

I have ignored and neglected the airstrip and hangar for about 6 months and as a result, nature took over. With a fallen fence, tall overgrown grass, and a filthy hangar, the whole place is in dire need of a cleanup.

What's the plan?

So far I have taken care of the parking area which you can see in the first part, the front of the hangar in the second part and I started on the runway in the third part.

The focus now is on the entire runway.

In this part 4, I continue the work and aim to complete the whole west side of the runway. Once again I'm only using a small grasscutter but the good news is that the lawn mower's new engine (Briggs & Stratton 500e series) has arrived. Check out the unboxing in the video.

Enjoy part 4 of the cleanup!

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Stay tuned for part #4 next week. Thanks for watching!

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