World Press Photo 2021 - #Monomad challenge

Welcome to my #monomad challenge!

I was very inactive in the last months... And sincerely I miss all the great things about this community!

One thing that I like to photograph, is the daily and quotidian situations. The most challenging thing about photographing daily situations, is to ensure that if there are persons in the framing, they don't know that they are being captured.. At least just before the diaphragm opening...
This week I'm still on vacations, and a good old friend told me that the "World Press Photo 2021" Exposition is patent in a local park nearby my home. So I took just my smartphone, and putted in to silence mode (for muting the shutter sound of the camera app), and took a try to see if I could get some nice shots.

Impressively the photos came out much better then I thought they might be.
The cloudy day increased the dramatic effect and even so, I could get enough light to ensure a nice hue and saturation in the final result.
I can only ensure you, that I have to take another visit to this exposition,since it was so crowded, I couldn't read fully the text boxes next to the prize winner photos.
This photo might resume it. This is the effect that I pretended to get! This three persons are my friends, and I could capture them without their aware of it. Luckily I've made with them watching on prized photo with similar composition (one person photographed from his/her back).
One the end, as we were all heading to the park exit, I stood couple of steps behind, allowing to get this one!
In the end I still had the opportunity of watching to a real life chess game!
20211005_171529 (2).jpg
I accept your suggestions, and critics
I'm here to learn and share with all of you!
Thank you for your attention.

I hope that you liked my seventh entry for the #monomad challenge!

Stay safe, stay healthy!
See you soon
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