Monomad #78 | The forest inside me

Hello bnw community :)
Life gets a little chaotic sometimes and I haven't been able to keep up the constancy of posts around here as I would like.
I have been devoting almost all my time to learning and turning my photographic works into NFTs and this has consumed a lot of energy and time.

After a long time without dedicating myself to new works, I recently made this shoot and felt excited to get back to photography again.

For this series of photos, which I named "The forest inside me", I had the help of a volunteer friend, who worked hard to offer the poses I wanted to register.

If you are a #NFTcollector, you can check out these images in my gallery of creations on the Hic et Nunc website. They are also my entry for today's #monomad challenge.

Lara (2).JPEG

The forest inside me #2.JPEG

The forest inside me #1.JPEG

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