Traditions in Bulgaria - my entry today to the #monomad daily contest by @monochromes

Bulgaria is a small country, a member of EU since 2007. Unfortunately, since then, we are still the poorest EU country.

Nevertheless, we have our victories and successes. Today, the first medal from Tokyo 2020 Olympics, won by Antoaneta Kostadinova, her first Silver at 10m Air Pistol.

Huge congratulations to her! Considering that our government doesn't give much money to support our sports and even less to support our arts and culture, that is a tremendous success!

So today, to celebrate this event I am sharing with you few photos from Etara, a special ethno-culture place in the heart of Bulgaria, near the city of Gabrovo. Also, check out the second photo for a huge smile :)))





You probably know by now how much I love Black & White or sometimes referred as Monochromatic photography. I have always believed that while Color Photography shows the external part of our world, Black and White Photography shows the soul, the inner hidden side of everything. Please consider the first photo of this post as my entry today to the established #monomad daily contest by @monochromes, supported by @qurator, thank you everyone for your hard and continuous efforts to build and grow this great community!

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