Days of Old at the local “antique shop”…you will like :-)

If you are a bit older you will be smiling looking at these older memories from the past 50 yrs. If you are younger, you might say how could people ever use typewriters or a sewing machine ….lol.

This trip brought back so many memories from my youth and what my grandparents used in their daily lives. I hope you enjoy my trip to the antique shop.

Of course,we have to start with the infamous Smith Corona typewriter that was used before computers came about in the early 1980’s. Before PC’s, the typewriter was used in many homes and businesses to create letters and documents. Smith Corona was certainly one of the leading brands.

I see many smiles out there with the photo below of the Singer Sewing machine. I bet many of your grandparents may still have one in their home or garage. Years ago, sewing was taught to young children so they can make or repair clothes. Today we tend not to and in fact “rip our jeans” so we can look cool….it’s true….lol.

Not many would guess that this “register” was used many years ago to tabulate the cost of goods or simply to be used as a calculator. We didn’t have scanners at the supermarkets in the 1960’s-1980’s and there were cash registers used since we did not have bar coding.

The old silver set for serving tea might be worth some money soon if the silver is real. These old silver sets would be shiny and ready for use maybe once or twice a year for company.

A tragic day indeed captured by Look Magazine. Look and Life magazines were the photo/journals back in the 1950’s - 1970’s. Today you look back at an authentic copy of the JFK assasination from 1963 in Dallas Texas.


Life Magazine and Raquel Welch. I guess she was the Kim Kardashian of the 1960’s…with no disrespect to Ms. Welch.

All the boys out there remember your GI Joes and comic books. You probably had a favorite collection which varied from Spider Man to Casper and others.

You know this typewriter made me think back to the amount of times you made a mistake and had to rip up the paper and start all over….omg.

So if you want a smile and bring back some memories, go and visit your local antique shop. Actually, many of these shops buy your older goods so you might have some treasures in your home to sell :-)

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

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