Taking shots

Taking Shots-

I've not had the chance to properly sit down and write anything on here in a bit. Life has been a bit messy recently, but I have been reading in that time, usually over coffee in the morning.

Not for the first time since joining I've been mightily impressed by the photography on here.

Photography is a skill I've always admired, and wanted to learn, even as far back as high school where the aloof seniors that wore doc martins and flannel shirts would disappear during lunch hour to develop their films in the dark room.

I've had several small encounters with photography in my life and was lucky enough to have a little insight into the world through a close family friend, but my only real takeaway from his knowledge was a limited understanding of basic lighting and how to control it in a room.

But I've never really picked up a camera to try it seriously.

I don't own a fancy camera, but I am the proud owner of a brand new phone which apparently has a really good camera. A redmi pro 10, I don't know much about phones or their technical specifications, so it all means very little to me when I read it.

My old Huawei finally got too bashed up to be much use, the battery had expanded backwards breaking the back case, and an accident with a faulty protective case smashed the screen to smithereens. So a new one was a must.

Anyway, back to the point. I've got this fancy new phone, with an apparently fancy camera. The camera roll was empty, and it looked rather sad like that.

I literally had thousands of photos on my old phone. So I figured, with a little bit of inspiration from hive that I should give it a shot, see if I can start to take nice pictures not just holiday snaps or family photos, you know, maybe improve by experimentation.

I'd really been taken back by the black and white pictures and their impact so that is what I've tried, and found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I don't really understand the technical side or know my iso from my shutter speed other than a general vague idea of the functions, which I actually learnt here from the posts by @bil.prag so thanks for that!

But now I've tried, I have taken that first dip into photo taking.

So here goes, I've been gently nudged towards drafting this post by you know who. Its nice to know that he thinks it's good enough to share.

My attempt at photography. I hope you enjoyed the images.












All Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hopefully there will be more to come.

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