Watch where you step

small ink cap bark chips bw 1.jpg

The little park near me has some narrow and twisted paths covered in bark chips. It is to prevent weeds and grass growing and keep the paths clean.

Walking around and looking for mushrooms in the grass I didn't expect to find them right in front of me!
On the path.

Poor thing probably didn't last long with all the people walking around.

small ink cap bark chips bw 2.jpg

The first one is a little Inky Cap They grow very fast and don't last long. By the evening it will be dead. But until it looks like a tiny, almost see though umbrella.

The top is white and covered in delicate fluff. The gills are black. As they mature they start to flip exposing the black undersides. They roll up and slowly melt and that's it.
They are done.

small ink cap bark chips bw 3.jpg

small ink cap bark chips bw 4.jpg

There was another one just few steps away which I don't know what it is. Even smaller trying to push though the woody bits.

small mushroom bark chips bw 1.jpg

small mushroom bark chips bw 2.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.


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