Simple things and Simple minds

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After hours of walking and looking for fancy bugs, unusual plants and textures, I entered a little lawn in the side of the hill and there they were. The most common looking flower among all the green grasses.
Sometimes this is exactly what we need. The simple, familiar things.

The sun was slowly setting and all the white petals were really popping.
Those were the last shots for the day.

Chamomile daisy bw 8.jpg

It is type of Chamomile I believe. The flowers are much larger and taller than a typical daisy. In spring when the soil in moist they can cover large areas with million of flowers. It looks pretty spectacular! Fields of white and green.

They don't last very long though and with summer draught they die back all together with grasses and other flowers.

Chamomile daisy bw 2.jpgChamomile daisy bw 3.jpg

Chamomile daisy bw 5.jpg

Chamomile daisy bw 7.jpg

Chamomile daisy bw 4.jpg

Monochrome song for today:
Simple Minds - Belfast Child
year 1989

Please pay attention to the nice drums at 2:12 :)

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.


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