Lost and found at the shore

seixal beach old boat bw 1.jpg

The near-by beaches are not very nice. Not for the typical beach activities anyway. Small, rocky with lots of treasures brought by the water.

The thing I do like about them though is that they are mostly empty (because of the above) and often there are old boats left behind to rot.

seixal beach old boat bw 2.jpg

seixal beach rope bw.jpg

Broken ropes and driftwoods are pretty common too.
From time to time I managed to catch some birds other than seagulls (not this time though) and dead jellyfish drying on the sand.

seixal beach driftwood bw.jpg

More ropes :)
There was a boat attached to this one.

seixal beach rope bw 2.jpg

This boat:

seixal beach old boat bw 3.jpg

drystuff beach bw 1.jpg

Three decent fellas as a monochrome bonus song today :)
Nirvana - In bloom
year 1991

Very decent!

Shot with Lumix DMC FZ8
All photos and text are my own.


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