Colourless Colourful Moments

A Colourful Beach Memory in Black and White - #monomad challenge

More than a decade has passed, yet our memories remained vivid of the times we spent together, as we chat and laugh about the silly things we did during our youth via WhatsApp, from different countries. We no longer remember the colour of the clothing we wore, nor the clothing's style or brand. However, we clearly remembered the scorching sun biting into our skin as we stood for hours under the scorching sun trying to capture the perfect friendship photo. How we counted 1, 2, and jump at the count of 3, the numerous attempts made, the laughter we shared from the falls, bump and successful jumps together, the sands that flew around our feet as we impactfully disturbed the ground, our knees and back knocking into each other and the feeling of an everlasting friendship, then and now.

This is the sweet taste and smell of.......SWEATS🀣. Well, I actually meant to say - the sweet taste and smell of our colourful youth, together. We coloured each others' memories with joy, giggles, jokes, hugs, laughter and so much more, that the colours of the photos became secondary. These photos evoked a tsunami of emotions and feelings; remembering our stamina, agility, carefree state of mind, and near-zero commitment. Hence, I've chosen to share these photos for my first black and white community post and monomad challenge entry.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜Š
We decided to let the guys take on the bulk of the work while we squatted, rest, watched and LAUGHED.🀣

Attempting a split jump and this is our version of it.🀣

Chilling after all that "workout" under the hot sun.😎

Caption This.

Friends Forever (Front) and I got your rear (Back).

Gotta repeat this butt bump.

Do Re Mi.....

Some Muay Thai wannabe thingy going on here.πŸ˜…

The white fine-sand beach at Port Dickson, where we spent 4 hours under the hot sun and returned with sunburnt skin and tons of laughter.πŸ₯°πŸ’–
I will end with a coloured photo of the beach.😝
Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.πŸ˜„

All content i.e. photos, videos, etc. are produced originally by me unless stated otherwise.
All moments were captured using a mobile phone.

Colourless Colourful Moments

My Maiden Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh - Butt BumpπŸ€œπŸ½πŸ€›πŸ½

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