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Fish merchant activities


Hai hiver..!!!
As usual, I have posts about photography every day. on this occasion I will share and discuss Indonesian photography in their daily life. The activities of the people in this country is to become their daily life when they leave the house ( Out Door ). This is where I will explain about the activities of our community crowd.


SAMADIAH is The visit of villagers from other villages who visit the place of mourning. customary when someone dies when one of the residents dies. In droves they go to the houses of the dead to pray and offer condolences and as a substitute to relieve sorrow for those who are grieving.


FISHERMAN Are fish seekers who gather every day to go to the high seas. Before they left for the ship they waited for the ship to come home to pick them up.


FACTORY WORKER is a worker in a company. before entering the company's workspace they queue to take the entrance ticket. We mention here the presence of workers.




KENDURI is an activity where the community gathers to learn about religion and a place for community unity when carrying out family activities. This activity is often heard as FAMILI MEETING. This KENDURI is carried out from generation to generation in every family, every family will definitely gather when a meeting like this is held every year. Everyone gathered from grandparents, mothers, fathers, their children and grandchildren. not only that, they also joined the family of their son-in-law and in-laws.



TOURIST ATTRACTION we definitely know tourist attractions, I will not explain too broadly about tourist attractions. The point in this discussion is that tourist attractions are one of the places where people are busy. The place where people want to entertain themselves and relax to see the sights and wash their eyes.


WORSHIP PLACE is a place where people gather to pray to their god. they gather to pray and approach their god with their respective beliefs.

All these images are mine. and these are the photos in the gallery that I share with you. hope you like it 👍😁
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Photo by @dayatsiaulia

This is a photo of me with my friends when traveling to hot springs. This place is in aceh, Indonesia. This location is very far from urban areas, if you want to take a hot bath here, you have to climb the mountains which are 10 km away.
and this makes me entertained and relaxed.

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