I'm Back!


Got back into Louisville in the wee hours of this morning. Holy hell, what a trip. We covered a little over 1200 miles in three days, did a little marching, a bit of sightseeing, and took lots of photos.


We were in DC for the March On For Voting Rights march and rally, which was on Saturday. I'm working on a proper post on that but I took more than a thousand photos so I'm still working my way through all that.


We were traveling light so I only shot with my nifty fifty (50mm prime) lens. I love shooting with it but getting close enough to get the shots I want is more difficult in DC than it is in Louisville.


I haven't even looked at all the shots I took yet but I had to edit a few. Once I'm a little more recovered from yesterday's eleven hours on the road I'll be back with much more from DC.

Until the, be good or be good at it!

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