Brain Fuck

The BrainFuck

Ain't that the most interesting pic you stumbled upon while browsing your feed?

Are you asking yourself what the hell you're looking at?

Well, you are looking into a badgers skull. For those interested here's the story.

Last night the Amygdala in my skull was triggered while watching a scientist in a talkshow.

Spoiler alert: The Amygdala is part of the brain and plays a primary role in the processing of memory, decision making and emotional responses.

My world turned black and white for a moment when he was speaking my truth from years ago.

Have you ever had a situation where people laughed at you for predicting a certain future scenario?

For years I keep saying and seeing that human kind won't make it through this century.

Boy, have I been told how negative I am.

And now guess what, last night my predictions were confirmed by Harald Welzer, a German social psychologist.

His research is focused on memory, violence and the social impacts of climate change and he was speaking out loud what I knew years ago.

That humanity is currently exterminating itself and that this is not a future scenario but is currently happening.

Climate change is already happening, but we are pretending that the consequences will not materialize until some time in the future.

But the future is already now!

Humanity is falling apart in the struggle for resources and money. Our parasitic behavior falls on our feet but people tend to turn away from serious problems first.

The world’s politicians are governed by the economy and the economy only pursues the short-term goals of "growth". After all, shareholders must be satisfied.

The worldwide propagated economic growth, green or not, is the shovel to our grave, because how is this planet supposed to endure even more of our growth?

Nobody speaks of the fact that if our children and grandchildren are to survive we have to do without now.

Renunciation, the bad word, especially for politicians and business.

Shareholders do not like to do without, while the majority of the world's population has to forego everything.

Brain fuck right?

When I look at reality I ask myself why one is still stressing oneself for one's future?

Why do I start a new job when in 10 years the world will be even more screwed.

I've lost hope that everything will get better, survival is the motto of the future and not enjoying retirement on vacation.

Those in charge are old and indolent, enjoying their wealth according to the motto "After me the flood".

They have long since bitten the grass when their children and grandchildren pay for the consequences of turbo-capitalism.

A wonderful future awaits humanity, NOT.

Black and White...and below is the future...indispensable anyway.

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