The Visual Monomad Photographic Challenge My Entry #83 - Street Food in my hometown


Hello Hiver's
As usual, I'll be sharing some black and white visuals with all of you in this community. This time I want to show you some pictures of a street vendor. In my area there are still very many street vendors. There are various types of food sold there. Why is it called street food? Yes, because they sell right on the side of the road. Every day, I always look for objects to shoot with my camera lens. Although selling on the roadside. However, cleanliness is maintained. Well, I think this is an interesting object for my camera shot. At that time, I did not immediately take pictures, although this is a very interesting object. As usual, I always ask permission first. After getting permission, I immediately took out the camera in my bag and took a picture. Here are some pictures of a street hawker that I took. Oh yeah, these pictures are also my entry into the black and white photography challenge.





This is my entry for the #monomad challenge contest, hosted and curated by @monochromes.

CameraCanon 1100D
CategoryBlack and White Photography
ProcessedAdobe Photoshop CC
Metadata FileISO 100 F/5.6 Speed Time 1/250 sec
LocationBeureughang, Aceh, Indonesia

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@bnwphoto (Januar)

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