Ski mountaineers on Mont Blanc

This is my entry to #monomad challenge by @monochromes

«Poco su di qui è l'orlo stellare
delle rocce dove ci si sente semiastri,
le pupille arse vi colgono visioni che poi,
scendendo, sembrano trafugate
al sogno: “
"abito un astro"
dice uno lassù»
(Ettore Zapparoli)

«A little above here is the stellar edge
of the rocks where one feels semi-star,
the burned pupils capture visions which then,
as they go down, seem stolen
to the dream:
"I live in a star"
says one up there»

In february 2011 I went to Vallée Blanche to sky from Punta Helbronner (Italy) to Chamonix (France), inside the heart of the glaciers of Mont Blanc massive.
At the beginning there was a lot of wind, and I saw far away a group of ski mountaineers. The wind raised the snow, creating a beautiful effects, similar to fog. In the background the summit of Mont Blanc (4.810 meters high).
Mont Blanc is huge, it is like another planet, glaciers are like palaces, above and under your feet. Peaks here are like cathedrals under open sky, and they have been climbed by the stronger alpinists in history.
Pictures taken on analogic film with Nikon fe2 camera.




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