Skardu cemetery - b&w

This is my entry for #monomad challenge by @monochromes

Here some black&white pictures about Skardu cemetery.

I met some kind and poor people at the entrance of this cemetery. I love the proud look of him:

and I loved also their happiness despite the poverty.

Here a man praying in front of a grave:

And some children playing:

Sunset has approaching with a warm light and sunrays, it was like the sky was praying together with this woman, and I felt harmony and peace.
I think death is a natural thing, as life. We have the presumption of being able to change most of things in world and in nature, but our only true capacity should be to accept things as they are.

Here the same place in color: Skardu cemetery

Pictures taken with Sony Alpha 7iii and Nikon D800.
August 2022.

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