Another time and space

This is my entry for #monomad challenge by @monochromes.

I wish to be like these trees.
It would be like to fly, exploring another reality.
We live in a prison most of the time: the prison of our mind, our mental schemes, our time. Yes, time is only an human perception, the seed of consciousness is timeless.

I see these clouds under me evolving quickly, moving like the sea, and I wish to feel, at the same time, the movement of the souls inside me.
I reached to reproduce inside me what I see outside, this means to be in harmony with the universe.
As this sea of clouds is a single body, I want to feel all the ancestors who live inside me as a single soul, where time stops to clock, and we start to become eternal.

I felt like in a dream.

"I don’t know where I belong
Forever a lucid feeling
I'm always out of place
And I don’t know where i came from
I see it when I’m dreaming
Another time and space"
(Isae by Ison)

At the sunset, a cross painted by an airplane appeared in the sky, and I felt no more distance with the nature outside me, we were the same thing. My hands were those branches, my feet the tree root, and I was totally joined with nature.










Pics taken with Nikon D800 e Sony Alpha 7iii

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