WednesdayWalk that MadeMeSmile in the Sunset with a Friend

Hello Hive friends, I can't believe it's Friday already and time went by so fast. It feels like Tuesday to me, maybe this is because I have left work for a day due to my vaccination. Thank God I am feeling good today.

For today's WednesdayWalk that MadeMeSmile post, I will share with you my walk in the sunset.
It was a very fine day in summer and the sunsets are more colorful at this time of year that I invited my co-worker, Paula to take a picture road intended for the trucks that delivers raw materials for feeds.

Mountain ranges' silhouette is wonderful with the colorful orange-blue sunset. We did this minutes before going home with the office phone since we both have phones that has low quality in camera. We even have hard time getting the best shot in getting the wonderful view due to the streetlights' strong contrast. But I guess Paula is more talented in taking great photos than me.
We went a little closer the the fence to have a closer looks to the view but there were streelights right above us.

I tried to capture the star, I guess this is the Planet Venus, which dislike the first diamond in the night sky.
Paula did some poses too. She has her phone with her and took photos too. Later that night, I saw in facebook that she posted a photo and the caption is "Feedmill Beach" that's funny of her and that MAdeMeSmile.
Here are more of the photos that we took in that walk.










Paula is a bit younger than me. She got the job because her father is a worker in our company too. I like her a lot because she is good and open-minded. She's fun to be with too. But since I isolate myself a lot, and she has a different circle of friends to be with. I can't invite her to activities like this anymore.

This place is the most wonderful, especially during the evenings. Sadly, we were transferred into another area where I could not see this place much anymore. But I know someday, when time will allow, I can go here again.

Thank you for your time reading my WednesdayWalk that MadeMeSmile post on the awesome collaboration of @tattoodjay and @elizacheng. Have a great day!

And oh, I almost forgot. Good thing there's an edit button. Thank you again sir @justinpark for this amazing banner.

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