Shan Noodle ( Asian food): My Mom Recipe


I want to share how to make Shan Noodle from Myanmar for today. We make Shan noodle for breakfast. It's my mom recipe and i think that's so important to get all ingredients. If you can get all ingredients, your noodle will be perfect.

Most of the time, we have all ingredients ready to cook a dish. When we want to make a curry or a salad, it doesn't take us a long time preparing ingredients.

We aslo have some restaurants where we can buy Shan noodle just for $1 or $1.2 per serving . But we prefer to cook because we have 8 family members at our house and it's a lot more fun. Let have a look.


  1. rice noodles (raw)
  2. tomato sauce
  3. garlic oil
  4. sesame seed
  5. groundnut
  6. chicken powder and salt
  7. spring onion
  8. coriander
  9. pea shoots
  10. soy sauce




First of all, I make myself a bowl of noodles with pea shoots. I want to make sure it's for one portion.


I cook the noodles in the boiling water for 2 minutes. In this case, I like to take some noodle and press it with me my fingers to know it's too soft or hard. Then I strain out the noodles and put it in the bowl.


Now it's time for adding seasonings. It's so easy. You can add the ingredients how much you need. It's optional.


Here's my Shan Noodle. I like to eat it with radish kimchi. It tastes so good. If we go out and buy at the restaurant, it will cost us $8 or more. Now it really costs $3 for a whole family. That's a good deal. We can reduce the budget for breakfast.
Thank you for your interest.
Hope you have a good time.

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