We Bought Through A Delivery Service and was Delivered Incomplete Items

Delivery services have been a thriving business during this pandemic. They're a huge help for transporting things from point A to point B, bridging businesses to customers.

A month ago, we were in search of the beauty products my sister is requesting, some 20 soaps and 20 face creams. The beauty clinic we were supposed to buy it from has a branch here in our town, however, they do not have enough stocks when we visited the clinic.


Then I told my mother that maybe their main branch has enough supply of the products we were looking for but the problem is that the main branch is located on the city next to our town. We don't want to travel out of our town especially in that city since cases are high. We're trying to minimize going out of the house as well so going to the main branch seems like an impossible option.

My mother then suggested that maybe we could use a delivery service to get the items from the clinic. So she talked to a delivery service rider and asked if they can fulfill her request.

It was thirty minutes before the closing time of the clinic when the rider confirmed. However, the rider doesn't have enough budget to purchase the items and so the rider told that she has to get the payment first from our house before heading to the clinic. Yup, the rider was a girl. Cool, right?

My mother called the clinic and told the staff to wait a few minutes because the rider is already on its way. Products were successfully bought and delivered to our home. The rain was quite strong when the rider arrived and so my mother no longer opened the paper bags in front of the rider to check the items.


It was only when she got into our room that she counted the soaps and creams.


The creams were complete, 20 items. However, the soap was lacking five. We panicked a little and hoped that we weren't scammed. My mother tried to call the clinic but the line was already off. She then called the rider and asked if she counted the items before leaving.

The rider told the clinic staff have assured that the items were complete so she no longer bothered counting them. If the rider was telling the truth, then it will be the clinic's fault. But if the clinic staff says they packed the correct number of items ordered, then here comes the problem. Their honesty will be put to a test just because of five missing soaps. Lol. Since we're not there during the transaction, it would be difficult to tell which side is telling the truth.

However, the rider told my mother that she would get the five soaps in case the clinic confirms that what they have sent were incomplete. We ordered on a Saturday and the clinic is closed every Sunday so we have to wait until Monday to resolve the problem.

Monday came and my mother got to talk with one of the staffs. They told her they would check their inventory to confirm if the order was really incomplete. Few hours later, my mother called back and the clinic confirmed they've sent incomplete items. Thank goodness the staffs were honest.

The rider fetched the soaps and delivered it to our house. Issue resolved. And the rider was happy because she was tipped twice. She refused the second tip but my mother shoved it in her pocket instead. Lol.

You probably have thought this would end bad. At least this proves that there are still honest people around. The delivery service rider could have ran away with our money from the beginning or the clinic staff could've said they've given the correct number of items and kept the soaps for themselves instead. But they didn't. Thank goodness for honest people! :)

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