👨‍🌾 It's Mango Season in Pursat, Cambodia 🥭 So Many Kinds


Hello everyone, Today I want to tell you about the mangos in my village. There are alot of mangos. This is mango that called name svaykeoramit.



This is very big and tall tree. I take photograph by phone oppo A53. I go to the forest to cut it. This season is good for person to eat.



I go to the farm and walk maybe 5.5km.it is far from place for my living. It is sweet in ripe. I like the mango in the forest when I saw it to make feel fresh.


I put the mango in the tower. This mango is delicious and have sweet. It's tall tree and I zoom it to make nearly but it is not clearly. I like walk to the forest to see the nature and have alot of mangos there.


You see mango seem green but it is ripe. It's called name svaykhiti. It doesn't change the color of mango green and ripe.



I put the mango in the tower. It's tall. It maybe 6meters. This is a man climber on the mango. He is expert the climber on the tree.


This season have alot mangos that you see in the picture. It called name svaytonletom. When it in the green mango we take it to make food because it's sour. There are many different mangos in the forest.



The mango on my hand is sweet. This mango that it's called name svayongron. The most of my village cut it to eat and we don't sell on the market. This mangos us cut it go home to ripe it. It is the best mango in the ripe so sweet when it in the green mango are very sour.




I put the mango on table.there are alot of mangos. It planned in the rice field.it called name svaymeas that you saw it. It's tall maybe 7meter.


Most of my village cut it to give the buffalo and cow eat. The leaf is nice and zoom it by oppo A53. The tree is big and fruit is small.

This mango we can make the damnaap svaay. The leaf are the same mango that i show you. There are alot of mangos in my living. In the forest have alot of mangos that I didn't know to tell you.

Thank you for reading my reblog. good luck in life. Escape the covid-19. Don't forget the mask go out.i wish you success in life.

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