When the squids are caught


There are too many types of squids in the ocean. There are those big ones like giants and there are those small ones like the size of your finger. In catching them there are specific processes and materials. The one that I'll be talking about is a type of squid that can be caught during the evening and when there's no moon too visible. I do not know if you'll ask me why they can only be caught in that kind of situation. Well, let's not just keep on digging or we'll be lost in the depth of curiosity.


Last night the moon was hard to see recently. Darkness in the sky and of course it will be too dark in the ocean. It's not to be feared since the fishermen who go to the sea fishing squid are what they desired. The lights that they'll bring that are part of the materials in fishing squid will be visible as a star under the sea. The lights will be blinking and squids love it so they will get near it. Dropping with the fishing materials to catch a squid, the fishing will now happen.


It's a long story if I'm going to say more about how the squid can be caught. Anyway, this is what will happen when there are squids to be expected from the fishermen. Since the squids can't be caught every day, a lot of people are waiting for them, on the shore and in the cottage near it.


If it will be the first day of the squid to be caught. People gathered here, waiting for the fishermen to arrive from the sea. Some will be waiting to buy and some will be waiting just to welcome the fishermen and perhaps expecting to receive squids. It's always expected because most fishermen are generous, so when people welcome them they will give. Leave those welcomers who are waiting to help the fishermen in lifting their boats because they will always have something in return from fishermen. That's how it works here.


So, my friends and I bought at least 1kg of squids. One of us offers to buy squids and in return, we will be the ones to grill it. The image above was captured when we're waiting to coal the charcoal. Yes, it's still on fire while waiting for the time it's ready to grill.


How about this next image that I love the most.


What to expect, while others are working there are those people who are busy sitting, having conversations, and taking pictures.


The grilling continued and more images.



After the squids were grilled already we ate them along the shore. We decided to eat it there to fit all of us in eating it. I'm not sure if we just want to fill our stomachs or just to have a fun time with. Whatever it might be, the important thing was food and friends to make the food delicious.


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