Blog #77: #FreshFarmEggs: 3 EGG-citing Offer To Those Who Had Already Vaccinated

Recently, my mind was fully occupied of the on-line related stuff. It is quite depressing because of less interactions with people (in real world not on-line). This afternoon I stayed away from working on-line for a few hours and went in town just to see new stuff around. It was also my way of exercising. I hiked but not too many steps (lol).

Hey Hivers!

I transparently miss the atmosphere of the outside world. It was just only few days since I haven't gone outside but it seems I stayed at home months already.

As I am on my way home, my attention was caught by this exciting promo from the #freshfarmeggs store.


Part of their encouragement program so people would have their covid-19 vaccination shot, they offer 3 eggs for free to those who had already vaccinated and would purchase eggs to them. It's a good offer, right? But the promo won't take too long. The promo is until September 18 only. For you to be eligible, just present your vaccination card together with your ID proving that you had already vaccinated.


This store has offered an egg-xiting prices. When you take a look of their prices on the board, you could see that the cheapest price they offered is at Php4.00. So far, I haven't bought an egg at that price.


This is the store looks like. When you get inside please do not expect that the store has a pleasant scent or aroma because you could smell bad odor due to the broke eggs. But it is quite understandable because of the product type they have.


I wanted to buy some eggs but they never gave me because it was already beyond to their cut-off time. I understood since they had already on the process of making their daily sales report. The staffs were busy the time I arrived at their store.


If you are from Talisay Cebu and would like to avail the promo or you would only want to buy a cheap eggs, the store is located near Tabunok Elementary School. The store's cut-off time is @ 6:30PM.



This is the reason why I love hiking and sight seeing because I would be able to discover different things. My feet would absolutely bring me to the different and amazing places. How about you? What are the reasons why would you love hiking? I would love to read your comments. Drop your comments below.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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