Another abandoned dog turned up at the temple

I think it is just me but it hits me more in the feels when an abandoned dog is a tiny little thing that doesn't stand much chance of being able to survive on its own. These dogs will normally have a more difficult time becoming part of the pack and because generally speaking "house dogs" haven't socialized with other dogs for most of their lives they are less likely to try to gain acceptance by the other dogs that are there. Even though we provide enough food for everyone we have to pay special attention to these new additions when they arrive because dogs are very protective of food and fights can begin even when there is plenty to go around.


It's tough for me to understand how someone could be so heartless to just pull up at a temple with a dog that has presumably been part of their life for a time and then just drop it on the ground with tail probably a wagging thinking that they are going on an adventure with their master, only to see their master drive away and not return.

When are you coming back for me? must go through their minds and this little girl was spotted sitting at the entrance of the temple in the shade apparently unwilling to go inside and instead waiting for several days for her owner to come back. I imagine that her little ears would perk up with each approaching car or motorbike only to have her precious little heart broken time and time again when it is not her owner coming back to retrieve her.

The thing that really gets me about dogs is that if her owner were to come back that the dog would immediately forgive them, and go straight into lovey mode. We don't deserve the unconditional love that these creatures give to us.


It has been long enough now that we realize that the owners are not going to come back so we brought her in for vaccinations and to get sterilized. We are going to work a bit on getting the rest of the pack at the temple to accept her and hopefully she can find a way to realize eventually that this is her home now.

She is a little cutie and is wonderful with people but isn't very interested in socializing with the other dogs at the temple, we hope this can change. In years past, she would have been an easy one to put up for adoption because smaller dogs like this historically have been the first ones to get chosen by the adoption community. Unfortunately, adoption numbers are WAY DOWN in the past 2 years because of Covid so we can't even take her into our facilities because we are already over our maximum capacity.

In the meantime we have asked the monks to handle her and try to get the rest of the pack to accept her. We will also be stopping by a couple times a week to help with the process. Hopefully it is just a matter of time but in the meantime I can't even imagine the heartbreak that is going on in her cute little mind right now. Everything that she has known about life was abruptly ended that day when her previous owners dropped her off and drove away.

As tragic as this is it becomes even more tragic when you consider that this is a nation-wide and to a certain degree, a global problem. I guess I just can't understand that mind of someone that would do something like this.

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