A terrible mange case; "Nong Nau" has not forgotten who took care of her

When we discovered "Nong Nau" a few months ago, she was in terrible shape. She was completely covered in ticks, fleas, mange, and other parasites, and nearly all of her fur was gone. While still having a pleasant demeanor she almost certainly would have died before long had we not discovered her and helped her.


Perhaps it was because she was so young that she was very receptive to being handled but for the most part we don't give names to our temporary rescues because since we see so many of them, you gotta have a pretty special personality to appeal enough to our volunteers to get a name. Also, we try not to get too attached to the animals because since we do not have the space or financial capabilities to look after them permanently we pick them up with full knowledge that we will be returning them to where we found them once they are treated.


Nong Nau received regular medicated baths (and didn't even resist a bit), was given broad spectrum anti-parasite medication and was looked after by us on a regular basis. She also got along just fine with not just our staff but with the other dogs we were looking after at the time as well.

Her recovery was one of the most amazing things to witness and this took place over the course of 5 weeks or so. If I didn't tell you so, would you even believe this is the same animal?


As much as we loved Nong Nau, we had to return her to where we found her and pleaded with the neighbors to please look after her a bit and for those that seemed interested we provided them with enough food to keep her belly full for at least a month.

Well a month went by and we decided to pay Nong Nau a visit and were just delighted when not only did she not get aggressive towards us but seems to truly remember who we were... the people who came and helped her in her darkest hour.


She has a collar on now, which in Thailand is a sign that this dog is "spoken for" and we went to speak to the neighbors who had promised to look after her. They have been doing a good job of doing so and Nong Nau appeared to be in great health and was very happy to see us. We gave her some treats while we were there and when we went to leave she chased the truck for a bit down the block before going back "home."

Just think: If we hadn't found and helped Nong Nau a few months back there is a very good chance that she wouldn't be chasing anything, let alone living happily and healthily in this community that has now chosen to closely look after her.

We gotta celebrate these small victories and I have to say that it is just a delight to go back to see these dogs that we helped and see that they have not reverted to their diseased ways. This just goes to show that if we just keep trying, that our efforts can make a real and lasting change as far as the stray animal population is concerned.

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Krabi Animal Welfare is a charity run entirely by volunteers and are a registered non-profit organization in Thailand and the U.K.. We aim to relieve the pain and suffering of dogs and cats within Krabi Province.