Got my Covid-19 Vac shot - The Story with Photos!


Got my Covid-19 Vac shot
The Story with Photos!

Good day friends,

As the old story starts...

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair." Source : Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.

I can't help but feel that same way with these vaccine shots.

After a long ponder, research, and asking myself tough questions... I decided that it would be best to get the vaccine shot. Why? well, I think there are two general schools of thought.

The first school of thought is that, the Covid-19 pandemic is serious and we should get the vaccine, if not to protect ourselves, but even to protect someone that we might love or, to protect someone else that someone else might love, like their grandma. Firstly I'm not necessarily afraid of Coivd, but do understand the way viruses work, I do understand the way they travel.

The second school of thought is that, the Covid-19 pandemic is a conspiracy on the highest level, orchestrated by the powerful elite to ether subjugate the masses, alter their DNA to make them into benign creatures, or put microchips into them as part of the overall control methodology... This and numerous other theories I have looked into.

My thought is, at the end of the day, I don't want to live in a world where I have to constantly, have such a high level of paranoia, where I have two live in fear that a global conspiracy, is trying to kill all the earth, or worse... If that is the case, if it's true, there is little you can do about the matter what, and that ending will come no matter what. I would rather enjoy my time, spend time with people that I care about, travel and explore until the point of the inevitable apocalypse comes.

If I did not get the vaccine, sure I could lie about it... I could forward a document saying that I did, maybe I get Covid, maybe I don't... Maybe I become a carrier for an end up infecting other people, causing them pain and misery in their life... One I don't want to be dishonest like that because my own moral ethics, and I don't want to cause harm to others if there is a way I can prevent it.

I chose not to live in fear. Not to live in fear of global conspiracy that I can't do anything about anyways, not to live in fear of the vaccine, and just move on.

All that being said, yesterday I took a nap at 1 PM, I woke up at 1:30 to an email my inbox saying come at 2 PM for your COVID-19 shot. It was a moment of bit of a panic, but I put my pants on and head out the door!

So let's get to the daily photos...

The Daily Photos

Let's kick off today with the lovely sunrise photo looking out from Danang Vietnam... When you see a sunrise like that, you know the day is going to be okay.


Here is my ugly mug on the way to the next nation center.


I do not have my passport, it is currently in Ho Chi Minh city awaiting payment at the embassy for renewal so this caused a bit of a hiccup, I did however fill up my paperwork by showing them a photo of my passport and email, notifying me to come at this time. Everybody that I talked to seem very happy and upbeat.


Not sure if we beat the rush, or if we came after the rush... But there is no lines. Just walked on past people waving and saying this way. I sort of felt like I was on the red carpet.


The main vaccination center was inside a really cool looking auditorium.


Again is seen that much more emptier than it should, but it was nice theatrical production I would say.


I wanted to get a picture of them actually jabbing me with needle, but I couldn't because I was asking questions and I totally forgot (*sorry). But this is a picture of the vaccine they injected.


After I got the vaccination shot I got awesome red stamp on my hand and was told to sit down for 15 minutes.


It was nice, I sat next to some of my friends who I have not seen in a while, we got to talk and catch up.


After about 15 minutes a guy said you have no symptoms you're free to leave, and they ushered us out of a side door. This side door.


Back on the street I walked back to my bike with my friends, the whole experience seemed a little surreal... but hey, it was nice to get out.


I could tell something was happening inside me, as I could feel my head swimming a little bit. But I met a friend for some orange juice on my rooftop and we talked cryptocurrency, I took the puppy dog for a nice evening walk, and made a vegetarian dinner.

I think I crashed out about 10:30 pm. At 3 AM I woke up with a fever and body pains, it was rough . At 5:20 am I took the dog for a morning walk, That was quite brutal... I had to try to sort out laptop issues at 9am and here it is about noon time... OMG I feel like taking a nap, but I have to finish some work... I think by this evening I should be back to 80% or 90% operational.

Time will tell whether or not this choice was correct or not. I look at the polio vaccines and people who have gotten them haven't, I understand that I could still potentially get this virus, however my chances are reduced by 50%, as is my likelihood of spreading it.

So no matter what side of the fence you fall on, it's your body, your choice. Make the choice you feel is best.

Draw to me today guys and girls you back here again tomorrow I hope. :D





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