I've Been Getting a Covid-19 Vaccination

Pandemic Covid-19


How has the development of the pandemic Covid-19 in your country ? is there still social distancing or lockdown? or life has started to return to normal? A lot of questions in our heads about the pandemic covid-19, but one thing is for sure is the pandemic covid-19 will not end yet and we should be at peace and live side by side with Covid-19. One of the ways we can reduce the spread of covid-19 is vaccination.

Vaccination Covid-19 in Indonesia has been started since the beginning of January 2021, and the first phase is given to medical personnel (nurses, doctors, hospital administration, management bodies) and the public service. At first, the people of Indonesia are divided into two opinions about vaccination covid-19. One of the parties supports the vaccination program, and some people refuse to vaccinate.

Some reason, some people refuse vaccination covid, such as do not believe there is a pandemic covid-19 and to assume covid-19 is a conspiracy of the elite global, professed belief prohibits the vaccine, the influence of the living environment, and the lack of information about vaccination covid. A lot of information about covid-19 as will be sick after the vaccine or also lame, but it's not true.

Step Vaccination



At first, I was also reluctant to vaccination. My reason, because my government is doing macro vaccination in one place. As a result, the occurrence of long queues and make the crowd. It increases the risk of spreading. Fortunately, the scheme of vaccination Covid-19 has changed from the scale of the macro into the micro-scale. Now, many centers vaccinations are made with the cooperation between the government and various institutions such as banks, companies, police, army, etc.

I signed up for vaccination through the online application to get the vaccination schedule to prevent buildup. I chose October 16, 2021, at 09.00 in the morning. I came to the location at the proper time and instantly fill out the form for the medical check-up and registration. This process goes quickly and is not complicated. After that, I walked a little to the medical check-up, the place apart from site registration. It is very nice because by separating the location we can prevent the crowd.

I completed the vaccination in just 30 minutes, and get a vaccination card as proof of vaccination. A vaccination card is now required for some activities in Indonesia like going to the cinema, a trip out of town, and also going on a foreign trip.



After Vaccination

Many people are afraid to vaccine covid-19 because of the effects afterward such as fever and aches. Again this is because of the lack of socialization about vaccination. Side effects of fever and body aches are a normal reaction of covid-19. It's become a sign that the body is working to create antibodies that will be able to fight against covid-19.



Vaccination covid is a way to alleviate the risk if infected with covid-19. Vaccination will also help keep our body and people we love spared from covid so it will be safer when day & work. Of course, we must remain underwent a protocol of health to prevent the transmission and mutation of the vaccine.

If you have been in the vaccination?

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