My Best Pictures Of The Day

Good evening everyone, especially to all members here in aseanhive Community, Hive blogging. Im her again to show my best pictures for the day. And this time, my selected pictures is all about Foods. In my topics I have few nutritious and simple food and desserts contains.
Here in our place, It is our favorite to eat this kind of food. Boiled bananas together with small steamed fish. This is a kind of simple food here in our province specially in the mountainous and rural areas. We ate this kind of food every noontime.
Next picture of mine contains more nutritious and delicious viands. This is a sort of vegetables cooked together and add some of the spices just like onions and garlic. It is also a simple food, no meat include just vegetables. This food is perfect for cold season and also best for children.
Best for dessert, we have bananas. It is good to eat this because it can give us more iron, vitamins and potassium that needs our body in order to become strength always. This kind of banana doesn't need to boiled, just eat it directly.

Another delicious food I captured is this. We called it "binas-oy" in visayan. This food have fish and or meat added. It is perfect also for cold season and for the children. The vegetables contains in this food is malunggay, alugbati, camotetops and okra, also lemon grass to give some smell very good.
The very best part of this is these vegetables was being picked in our own garden so we can assured that our food we eat is very fresh and away from bad chemicals.