Greenery shots

Another day walking to my car at the opened car park to start my car and charge my car battery. Sunny then turned cloudy and gloomy. It's not everyday I take a walk outside my house, or I should said outside my room 😅. I am really staying at home. Only take a walk to my car twice a week. I enjoy the short walk. Taking photos of the environment is one of the activity I enjoy the most. Beautiful greens in my neighborhood. Different shades of green on one tree. Two plants I think. The main tree has the pointy leaves and the round light green leaves is another plant which lives on the main tree.




A closer shot.


I always look forward to my walk and think of what shots I can take in my neighborhood. There are many different plants in my neighborhood. Some are my neighbors' plants and in the common area. Let's see what else I can shoot in my next walk.

Happy Monday everyone! ❤️

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