The UNnormal normal

Let's forget about the I'm back part, becaus I have never left. Despite stopped posting for a week, but I'm still lurking around stalking you guys most of the time.


As the country going back to "normal", which they called this the "new" normal, which is abnormal to the original normal, so it's never "back" to normal. I was going to get a nicer thumbnail picture originally, but decided this seems like accidental shot will just make do with the title I believe.


I have taken these photos on my first day eating out with the UNnormal routine. A list of procedure going into the restaurant, prove that I've been fully vaccinated, sanitise, scan the codes for tracking purpose. I only order no meat for lunch. I don't know, I just don't feel like grabbing meat after I put effort to squeeze myself into my usual office attire(ok don't need to remind me). And the food server dipped his thumb into my rice. Great.


Ok this was actually the breakfast, but I choose to out it here for the sake of drama. If you notice there's a bag of milk tea by the edge of the table. I took this shot by verticals orientation, but before the camera capture I had to try to rescue the bag of tea and result into this. So, you can take a guess what happened back there behind the scene.


Weather is not too warm as at now, but definitely not blue sky. It has been greyish all the time and very humid. I feel ok inside the office, but soon as I walk out the door, I feel lethargic and suicidal. Old manager going out, new manager coming in. New guy already started laying down rules, and we already putting down our bet, how long this one will survive.


Decided to go for dinner with colleague, and since she's driving, might as well take the opportunity. It's a Taiwan fusioned noodle House, and I particularly like this lamp cover decoration. But also worry at the same time will this thing fall on my head whilst I'm eating.


We're both equally UNsurprised by the new UNnormal opening. Shops are strict on checking on all customers to ensure everyone has been given anti covid juice. No juice no entry. We're sitting there enjoying the entire property by ourself.


Not the cheapest noodle I can find, but particularly like the fact that they give free top up one round. It's not exactly that big of a portion to begin with, but for many female diner who use their waist to think, given the option of free add on is always a good thing.


So I took the add on portion, and the extra add on portion from my colleague. There goes all the health conscious mind and back to the normal me again. 😅

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