The sell fish person


Karen just doesn't care nor doesn't communicate. How do they know if I have permits to travel to work? Do you see a fish seller wear a uniform? If a fish seller doesn't sell fish, does Karen has any fish to eat? It is these kind of idiot who make the world upside down.

MBO Cinema has been with us for a decade now since they revamp the business in my country. Too bad, after 1 year since Pandemic, they finally decided to close shop. Well, I personally don't quite like their pop-corn, but still I do enjoy their cinema for 2 reasons, it's near to my house, and the sound system is actually pretty darn poor(which is good for me because I got a pair of sensitive ears. sometimes I can hear my neighbor whispering where ex-girlfriend said she doesn't). At this point, I must say... give me back my movie points!!!

Packed some Japanese food. I think we're just using too damn much of plastic containers nowadays. I've been thinking to buy my own takeout containers, but came to think of what if later I need to wash the containers? Where does the water go? So, either way it wont be environment friendly I guess. Don't get me wrong, I'd still go with the tree hugger way. At least I have something to say when there's a green campaign next time.

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