Kill the mosquito first?

I have always been saying, if the covid 19 virus doesn't kill us, then the politics probably will. I made that up with my own observation, my own calculation, and may not have anything to do with reality. Like for example, today's topic.

Truck is spraying anti-viral vape around the neighborhood.

Living in a tropical country, despite in the city, the amount of mosquito going around is still so much horrifying. For a moment you get a jab by a small mosquito, you had an itchy hand for 5 minutes, but you've totally forgotten about it. Couple of days later, you'll have heavy fever, and blood platelet dropped so much until your gum starts to bleed even when you try to brush teeth, you'll see how dangerous dengue fever is. If not being treated or well hydrated during the body fighting the virus, it could cause internal bleeding and kill the host.

**Went to McDonald's instead, since someone said I've always been blogging about KFC all the time - don't laugh!"

So, coming back to the main discussion. If we're to work from home, naturally staying at home I prefer to wear comfrotable clothing. Naturally, I wear short pants since I don't use that much of air conditioning. But that leave me more skin expose to get a jab by mosquito.

Feels wanting a latte, but I don't want ice. Now I know, latte without ice is only half a cup. See, this is how much you've actually paid for

You see, I'm not anyone to question how the government operate. In the end, this is not the government I've voted for. It just so happen the previous guy resigned, and this guy went and collect a few more guys, see the king and formed a new government. Conveniently, the virus breakout and everything just went his way.

Took a swab test came back negative, but I just feel like having flu. Pot of hot porridge and the latte does helps alot. Hopefully I'll be fully recover later for KFC

Sometimes, I've been thinking. Whilst we're staying at home, the dengue fever gets us. If we go out, there's another deadly virus awaiting there. So, why don't they already have an antidote or vaccine for the dengue fever already? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying which one is more severe. Ebola has been discovered for years, and only in 2019 got a CDC certified vaccine, and on what basis C19 came up with a vaccine within a year? Would you take the vaccine? Or would you keep clean forever and never go out to see anybody?

It's not a rant about the pandemic. I'm just thinking about the mosquitos, they're as deadly as many viruses. Pictures are actually few days old, but thought of not using them today since I had KFC. Don't laugh!

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