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Lately, the sleeping disorder has really taking a toll on me. I'm lack of focus and can't really concentrate on stuff that I'm doing most of the time. Even if something excite me, I can't keep myself up long enough to get there(speaking of which, I need to get some porn and see if I still have an erection 🤣).

I have recently read an article written by our very own @xuanphuc98 regarding how to invest in #hive and always win. And thinking this is a good topic to talk and discuss. I'm not particularly saying the method will or will not work. There's many way to become successful, but I think one of the most important message in that article there is a lot of positive energy, which is a good thing for gambling(or trading so to speak). Topic here

Well, trading is indeed not far from gambling because both required precision and vision to estimate the result before taking any betting / trading decision. However, to be always win, it just an opposite word of NOT LOSING.

Why positive energy is required in gambling and trading? That's because the universe listened to what we wished for. And all the signals that resonating from our brain will affect our next course of action. For example, I always heard people saying they have prepared 5 grand for the next couple of hours in the casino. I don't care win or lose, I'm just trying to have fun. Even if I lose it all 5k, that will be all.

So, the universe listened to your wish, let you have fun. Let you win some, so you become happy and gamble more, decision become less informed and spending more energy in thinking when losing all 5k and it's time to leave. In the end what do you get? That's exactly where you're heading to. Dump the winnings and the starting capital of that 5k all back to the betting table.

Isn't this story look and sounded familiar? Does your trading story also sounded this way? If you have invested a certain amount of money into any of these financial services, be it in crypto or fiat, the most important thing you should bear in mind, it's never meant for having fun. You can have fun whilst enjoying it, but never treat an investment as an expenses, or you will get the "product", by having fun during the trade.


Sorry for such a short post, but I just thought I wanted to share my point of view and how I feel about "always win". Let us live this legacy prosper life. Winnings win. You don't wanna be the person who tell Toreto "dude I almost had you".

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