A blank mall

It was supposed to be buying dinner at the Chinese restaurant, but it wasn't open. So I went around the nearby shops, they're all closed. In the end, had to resort to the mall, planning to get some food from the food court. By right they follow mall hour, shouldn't be a problem. Soon as I reached the parking lot, this how it looks like.


It's pretty darn quiet as you can see. Since we've been lockdown for a week, stuff started to get real boring, I was thinking of ordering from the Thai restaurant, and this is how it looks like. There's a notice by the door saying renovation under progress. Will you not let your customer know you're still in business? If you are? Took a closer look, even their signboard has been removed. Nevertheless, if they don't say it, nobody is going to support them.


Usually, this travellator is the most common and tool people use to push their cart and travel up and down floor. However, during the pandemic season, you can hardly find anyone in the mall, not to mention workers are trying not to hangout around and supposed to close by 8pm.

Later, went back to the foodcourt and continue waiting for my food, I head to the window and have a look outside, somehow it looks like a dooms day sketch. I know it's not the best shot, but so happen the lightings and the building background looks absolutely amazing.


Come on man, it's pandemic. No one will have any interesting stuff to share and talk about. But I believe let's place our money where my mouth is, to live our life to the foolest(yes I literally spell it here), and make the moment now!

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