Five Ways to Invest in Myself During Lockdown📔☘️✍️💻

The covid pandemic has made lockdown time very difficult for people, particularly young people who travel around the world. I often wonder... how can you overcome this period? How can you maintain a positive mind every day? I believe each person will be able to cope with this tough time and move forward (which I love to hear as well). Today I'm going to share with you five ways that I've invested in myself and feel good so far.

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What I mean by investing in myself here is how to make me become a better version of my life, which means I don't feel regret it when I look back one day.

1. Reading books
I don't know how about you when you invest in yourself, whether you like to read books or listen to audiobooks or not. I do and like both methods. Most of us often think that we don't need to read anymore when we finish school, but these are misconceptions since you can't obtain much from daily living. Books are the conclusion of authors from their own experience and skills in life. I usually like to read stories that I most enjoy, like short stories, travel books, etc. Normally, I choose to read things that I enjoy the most like short stories, travel books, detective books, etc., and I also read things I can learn new skills for my work like marketing books, business books, etc. You can find a lot on the internet nowadays with the keyword "self-development books" you can purchase online or even get them for free. It's a huge advantage of digital life.



I prefer paper books because I can smell and feel each page when reading them.

2. Investing money in learning new skills

I used to spend money on things that are not important like fancy clothes, beauty salons, monthly Netflix, etc. However, at this stage of my life, I spend more money to invest in a long time value, I want to create my passive income stream so that I can retire early in the future I spend this "stay home" time buying courses and creating my online business so that I can work wherever I want and stress-free while I travel in the near future. There are a lot of opportunities out there that we can earn money, but first, invest in your strength and experience, then scale it up consistently. I believe I will make positive results when I pay money to do things I want to achieve soon.


3. Making my time worth every single day

I thought I was busier than others in the past. However, I must admit that I have 24 hours a day like everyone, therefore I must figure out what is important and then makes it a priority. As a result, at the end of the day, I feel more productive and happier with what I have done for a day, that's valuable time for me! Instead of scrolling and watching videos on Netflix or Youtube, I've made it my habit to spend time listening to podcasts during cooking or gardening when I don't want to work with a laptop anymore.


4. Creating My Habits

Habit is something that you do day by day and becomes your normal routine like a workout, drinking water, writing, etc. It's easy for our brains to follow bad habits (get up late, watch movies, Facebook newsfeed, etc.) as they are in our comfort zone. However, it will take at least 2-3 weeks to create your own habits and do them consistently so that they become your daily pattern. Personally, I make a "to-do list" and stick it in front of my bed so that I saw that immediately when I get up.


5. Constructing my connections

The older I get, the more quality of relationships I consider. I only accept good vibes. If negative people come to me, complain about things and life all the time and I can't change them, I will accept that as their character and turn off connections with those people. I keep myself surrounding by people to help me become better and happier in life, not the negative part. In the meantime, I build up my strong positive zone and help others to get strong energy to overcome hard times with me. I believe by this way, it helps you and me grow every day.


Those are my way to keep myself busy and positive while staying at home. We can't change this uncertain time, so why do we need to be worried? I wish you stay strong and in balance with whatever you are doing right now.

Thank you for stopping by and wish you all the best, dear Hive friends! 💙

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