Danang in Lockdown again πŸ™…πŸ’›

Being well-known as one of the "worth living-city" in Vietnam, Danang has been a well-known city in many posts of Hive friends (@trangbaby @lanngoc, @jacuzzi, @dodovietnam etc) as a wonderful beach destination and it's true that the city has been so attractive in a pretty or endearing way for thousands of tourists all over the world, however, since covid happened, it was so tough for us due to borders closed and lockdowns are becoming more often during this uncertain period. Today was the day that we had to stop public activities again.


It's been a crazy time for us when the city has opened and closed so many times in a short period. Today it has again closed public beaches and temporarily banned outdoor/ indoor activities. All recommendations are staying home and deliveries.
The authority took action after reporting some new cases in public and it will take effect from 12:00 GST today until further notice. I haven't yet swum while they opened 2 days ago πŸ€·β€β™€


They found too many people in close contact with affected patients who had complicated movings. It will take some days to narrow risky areas and open again. I don't know how long it will last this time, however, surely people are getting tired and businesses are being messed up, especially tourism and hospitality will be the worst time than ever. Many friends and people in the industry have to think about other job opportunities and find other incomes for living. Everyone thinks vaccines will be the only solution to bring life back to normal. Do you think the same?

Let's keep it on the side and make a tour around our city,


The ocean is still blue and tempting but we cannot go down for a while.


Luckily Fishermen are still allowed to do their work


We are back to our garden, raise our own veggies, and cook at home. Personally, I like home food so long as someone cooks for/ with me ;) I am willing to clean up ;).



People are cycling more and more, it seems this is the only thing for people to stay in touch with nature.

I really hope the lockdown will come to the end and life is juicy again. I miss normal life when nothing and nobody had to suffer from this pandemic. I think you do...

Stay safe and soundπŸ’›

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