Some Footage From 2018 When I Wanted To Start This.

It has been a really wierd day! I spent the day trying to improve the sound quality of my action cam. I literally
spent the entire day on this. In the end, nothing seemed to work :( I ended up ordering a new microphone kit from Amazon as the sunset outside my apartment window. I'm hoping that fixes the problem.

So after that failure, I decided to try out those Linux video editing programs I installed the other day. This just wasn't my day. Openshot kept crashing and I didn't like the video quality in Kdenlive.

The other day when installing the new hard drive for Linux I came across some old video footage from around the start of 2018. Determined to do some vlogging today I decided to edit that footage and put something together. I'm actually really glad I did because it inspired me to move forward. By the end of the day, I was really at my wit's end and doubting the direction I was taking this travel blog idea in.

I ended up editing the video in Windows10 using the Microsoft Video Editor. I don't like this editor but it was actually the one thing that went right today 🤣

I'm happy I found this footage. It re-inspired me after a horrible day of questioning what I'm doing here.

This is the first mini-adventure I took after purchasing the CSC TT250. It was this adventure that made me realize I'd like to do this more often and maybe even moto-vlog.

Anyway, I learned a lot editing this old footage. The Microsoft Video Editor is perfect for these short 5 minute videos.

I do have some other footage as well that I'm going to edit and post up here. I found the first review I did of the CSC TT-250. I also found the footage from the Vermont trip. Right now this is just all about learning.

The motorcycle in this video is a Chinese Dual Sport I ordered on the internet back in 2018. It's a 250 cc enduro. I still have this bike and currently have about 5000 miles on it.

I've improved my camping gear a bit since then. I have a much better sleep system and I'm working on downsizing my travel necessities. My goal this year is to get everything I need to fit into that black tail bag for both local and long-distance trips. That's the one thing I learned in 2018 and 2019, the less I pack the more enjoyable the ride.

So I don't think this footage was ever posted here or anywhere else. Regardless, it's been edited now and this was the first moto-vlog I ever did.

I am planning some trips soon. I've been waiting on the fall foliage. The bike is riding well. Even if I don't get this sound issue straightened out with the action cam, I'm just going to do some travel vids with music in the background until I can upgrade my camera.

I am planning on another trip to Allegheny. This video was more about taking the first trip. It was a test run. I'll probably do another one of the fall foliage with more footage of the park. This video was actually taken before I even purchased my first action cam.

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