Introducing the hive Gardening community -

Hive Gardeb.png

Have you been waiting for a garden community? I would like to introduce you to the new up-and-coming community.

The idea behind this new gardening community is to work on getting all the VEGETABLE & FLOWER gardening in one easy to view and find community.

I know we got many great places to post our gardening content to like @naturalmedicine and some other communities but what #hive doesn't have is a specific gardening community for vegetables and fruits.

Some of the goals for this community will be as follows and ever-changing.

  1. Safe friendly place for all new & old gardeners.
  2. Learn and share knowledge
  3. Build into a tribe, Slowly build a hive-engine token to build out tribe around.
  4. Learn and share all types of different ways to garden.

I am looking to team up and work with some of the awesome gardening content bloggers and work with a couple of mods.


I am wanting to get some logos and banners for #hivegarden. This is a sneak peek but the idea will be to have a post and offer some prizes for Banners, Dividers, Circle logos.

If you are interested in working with me on this project please find me on discord SkyBuds420#1898. You can also find the very new discord.

I will be of course checking the tag and community daily but I also plan to add a curation account to allow me to vote on other #garden #gardenjournal #grow-log and many of the other tags.

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